Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Cruise

I could really get use to a view like this everyday! Here are a few fun shots from our cruise we went on with some friends. We had such a wonderful time!
The boys giving us a Lola pose.
(Jason, Mike, Chris and Corey)
The Ladies
(Tara, Keri, Me and Kimber)
I have to thank our Photographer Chris for this picture. Let's just say we were a little bored one night waiting for something to start and we had a quick photo shoot.
Getting ready to go zip-lining in Belize. SO fun! Well most of it...a guy might have crashed into me and bashed my head into a tree but other then that loads of fun! I survived with just a few bruises and swelling, not enough to ruin my day!
We clean up nice eh?
Corey doing the flowrider on the ship. This was really cool. All the guys and I loved it. All of the other girls weren't cool enough to do it LOL they missed out!
Grand Cayman was my favorite stop! So gorgeous. Beautiful beach, great friend, pina-coloda and french fries...does it get any better??

I will forever look back and LOVE this trip. So many fun memories. A whole week with my hubby, the best friends ever, great food, to many laughs to count!


Kimberlee said...

I honestly miss it. Good memories. Love the pict with us all in our helmets...Sadie just said we looked like construction workers.

emily+brett said...

yay an update! good seeing you guys yesterday. the cruise looks like a blast! and i love your suit!!

Sierra Binder said...

Hey! What happened to the updates? PLease update soon! I love your blog and I'm sure the girls have gotten taller! Thanks!

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