Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Cruise

I could really get use to a view like this everyday! Here are a few fun shots from our cruise we went on with some friends. We had such a wonderful time!
The boys giving us a Lola pose.
(Jason, Mike, Chris and Corey)
The Ladies
(Tara, Keri, Me and Kimber)
I have to thank our Photographer Chris for this picture. Let's just say we were a little bored one night waiting for something to start and we had a quick photo shoot.
Getting ready to go zip-lining in Belize. SO fun! Well most of it...a guy might have crashed into me and bashed my head into a tree but other then that loads of fun! I survived with just a few bruises and swelling, not enough to ruin my day!
We clean up nice eh?
Corey doing the flowrider on the ship. This was really cool. All the guys and I loved it. All of the other girls weren't cool enough to do it LOL they missed out!
Grand Cayman was my favorite stop! So gorgeous. Beautiful beach, great friend, pina-coloda and french fries...does it get any better??

I will forever look back and LOVE this trip. So many fun memories. A whole week with my hubby, the best friends ever, great food, to many laughs to count!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Makenley's New Hair-do

A few years ago Adelyn donated her hair to Locks of Love. Makenley always thought the was pretty neat, however she wasn't really interested in doing it. She would say when I can cut 10 inches and still have my hair really long then I want to do it. Well a week ago she changed her mind. We were doing her hair and she said mom how long would my hair be if I did locks of love? I said probably right above your shoulders. She said K I want to do it. I told her lets give it a few days just to make sure you don't change your mind. Well she didn't change her mind. In fact she asked me about it EVERYDAY since! So on Saturday we did it! Before the big cut! I was a little sad to say goodbye to her gorgeous hair!

Good thing it was for such a great cause or I might have been SUPER sad! She was so, so excited to do this!
Here she is holding up her hair!

It turned out so cute! I am proud of her for making a very selfless choice to help a little child in need. Someone is going to get a very pretty wig from her beautiful hair! BONUS:NO MORE TANGLES to brush out!!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The 10 cent Basket

You know when you look all around the house and there is just stuff everyone...and NONE of it is yours! This happened to me last weekend. Sunday afternoon I looked around and I had just had it! I told everyone to come in the family room I announced that everyone needed to pick up your own stuff! I let them all in on a little secret...I am NOT a maid! So everyone cleaned up their stuff ( including my oldest child Corey!). I told them we now have a new rule. I will pick up the house at the end of the night and put everything that I find in a basket. In the morning you will be able to buy the stuff back from me for 10 cents. If your name if Corey you will pay me $5 for anything I find! They were not to sure that I was serious, however in the morning they realized I was totally serious when this is what they found! I gave them a break this first morning. This was the final warning! It has been a great way to motivate clean up by reminding them they don't want to find their stuff in the 10 cent basket! It has worked great I am not finding people stuff all over the place and I am not feeling like a maid!

Friday, September 10, 2010

5th Grade Camp

This is my fifth grader getting ready to leave for camp...overnight fifth grader!! We do not really do sleepovers. Occasional sleepover once in a great while with a cousin, that's it! so needless to say this was a little hard for me! ( Addy wasn't so sure either to tell the truth!)
It turned out she had a really great time! Nervous for nothing! She loved the ropes course, watching a movie with all the 5th grade girls and getting hot chocolate half way through the movie, and making up skits! (She told me all about the skit sounded super a bunch of 5th graders that is!)

Thursday, September 9, 2010

FIRST day of school 2010!

It is once again time for school to begin! I can not believe how fast summer flew by. My little ladies were all super excited to start school. So here it goes another year of Manila Elementary! Adelyn is going into 5th grade. Her teacher is Mrs. Dibb. She is in a 5th/6th grade combo class. She is really excited for school this year. She is already having fun with student council and is looking forward to doing lots more stuff this year with student council.
She looks WAY to old. I can't really handle that she is so big!

Kenley heading in to her class!

Makenely is in 3rd grade. She is in Mrs. Long's class. She's so excited about her teacher. She has lots of friends in her class which is always a fun thing right?!

My big 3rd grader! AHHH! What has happened to my little girls!

Alexiya is in 1st grade this year. Her teachers name is Mrs. Frischnect. Her students call her Miss Frish. She is sooo happy about starting school, especially because school this year means school lunch!

Here is my Lexi walking into her class.

Maycie starting school!!!! AHHH! I can NOT handle that she is in kindergarten! She was cautiously excited to start school. She is really happy to have Mrs. Butterfield for her teacher this year. She already feels comfortable with her since she spent lots of time there last year with Me and Lexi.


The girls all had a wonderful first day at school! Everyone loved their teacher. Maycie handled her first day wonderfully. Only person in tears first day of

Let the fun begin.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Darrington Family Trip-Camping Style

Each year we take turns planning a family trip. It was Mike and Jill's turn this year. They planned to go camping at Jolly's Ranch. We headed up the canyon for a great few days of camping. It is no secret in our family that Corey and I are not huge fans of camping. However we had a wonderful time! The kids all had so much fun together.The kids playing in the creek. They played forever building things in the sand and walking in the creek.
We had a Darrington family Olympics. It was a blast. Jared, Isabelle and Caleb getting their soda rocket ready.

The kids watching the Olympics.

Todd and Sadie

Mom and Dad working on their strategy to get their soda to go the highest.

Us getting ready to let our soda rocket to win!!

We played chubby bunny. Makenely got quite a few marshmallows in her mouth!!


Addy taking a mud bath! Beautiful.

The kids singing and doing a little dance.

Some of the creations Kenley made in the mud.


Having a headstand contest. Randy, me and Addy were the last ones standing. Addy won!

Playing red rover

Caleb and Grandpa sharing dinner together.

Maycie always good for a pose!

All of the kids! This was such a great trip. The kids had so much fun riding bikes, playing in the creek, playing tag on the playground, having cartwheel contests, playing card games and so much more.
Great trip...Thanks Mike and Jill for planning it!!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Happy Birthday Maycie!

FiVe!!! Blowing out the candles on her pinkalicious cupcakes.

Checking out the goods!

She told me she wanted shoes, clothes, earrings and make-up! She is not girly at all!

Super excited about her new earrings.

I can hardly believe that my baby is officially FIVE!! I love this little girl so much. She makes me laugh with all the funny things she says. Like on the morning of her birthday I asked her if she felt bigger like she was five. She said I don't know but my feet were tingling this morning so I think that means I am big like five! She is a funny kid. She has the brightest smile you have ever seen and loves to show it! She showed her smile a lot last night at Chuck e cheese!! (Yuck!) She loved it and we had a great birthday!